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Exams are coming. But we've got your back.

Exam time can be tough. To help you through, the Library, STAR team (Student Transition and Retention) and USU have prepared a program of activities to support you to relax, keep healthy, study effectively and ace your exams!



Exams getting you down? We have just what you need. Therapy dogs are visiting Fisher and SciTech Libraries and The Quarter.

More details & dates



To help you get through exam time, we'll be handing out free fruit to students in our libraries in the lead up to and during exams.



Need to knuckle down and study? These sessions use the Pomodoro technique to beat procrastination and increase productivity.

More details: Fisher & Quarter



Take a break from the books and head to one of our Chill Out Zones for some craft and games! They're in Fisher, SciTech, Health Sciences, Nursing and The Conservatorium Libraries.



Need a boost? Read some messages of encouragement from other students or write your own message and brighten someone else's day. You'll find a positivity wall in most USYD Libraries.



Start your day off right and join us for a free breakfast, supported by Kellogg's and Pauls Milk and USU.
It'll be a cereals-ly good time!

More details: Fisher & Quarter



Fuel your brain with a delicious curry or stir fry for only $6 in the Fisher student kitchen (level 3), made fresh daily by USU chefs.



Need a pick-me-up? Come along and join us for free ice cream outside Fisher Library. It's basically edible happiness!

More details & dates



Need a pick-me-up. Come along and join us for a free coffee outside Fisher Library.

More details & dates



Stretch out your overworked self with a free yoga class - no experience needed.

More details & dates



Feeling stressed at this busy time of semester? Calm your mind with a free meditation session.

More details & dates



Sleep is essential to help you retain information. Drop by our Nap Zones in Fisher and Health Sciences Libraries for a power nap!



Have a free coffee, croissant and chat with a Peer Learning Advisor, your expert (and super nice!) guides on all things uni.

More details, locations & dates



Take a study break and eat free pizza with the Health Promotion Peer Educators. Hope to meet you there!

More details, location & date



Take your next study break at a sunny beach or lush rainforrest. Head to ThinkSpace for an instant Virtual Reality retreat or mindfulness session.



Get your daily dose of positivity! We'll be treating you to Freddos with positive messages while you study at the Library.

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